TJ Spartans

Welcome to the website for the Thomas Jefferson high school cross country team 2012-2013. If you didn't figure this out, most of what we do is running. That's also what this website is about. Running. It's pretty great, running, that is.

The cross country team warming up
More seriously, our season starts in the fall, just after the beginning of the school year. during the height of the season, we usually have meets every couple of weeks, taking place at parks and fields that range pretty far across the state, with the regional race being held in Colorado Springs. The races and our practice runs in places like Garden of the Gods give us a great look at the states' outdoors. Our races are all 5k long, 3.1 miles and usually last about 25 minutes, less the faster you get. There are usually 4 races run at each event and transport takes some time, so we have to leave school 6th or 7th period and can be gone until 6 pm.
My experience with cross country has been tough, but fun and really rewarding. Running is a great way to get in shape and a good habit to have, plus the team ends up pretty close-knit by the end of the season, everyone becomes good friends. And personally, I find running relaxing. It's a great time to think.
Rovel, a TJ runner
Anyway, if you're here to just look around, there are plenty of good pictures and things on all the pages. If you're interested in joining the team, there's information under contact. If you found this website through sheer chance, that's pretty wierd, and if you were looking for somewhere to buy a new hat after your old one was eaten by racoons, you're in the wrong place.